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Coronavirus has permanently changed how we do business, go to school, and interact with others. How is your organization keeping up? Adjusting to the new normal is hard – ContagionClear can help.

Need help adjusting to the new normal?

Introducing ContagionClear, the app that helps manage transmission risk and tracks vaccination status to control COVID-19 spread in schools, businesses, and other organizations. Developed in collaboration with experts in infectious disease and risk analysis, the ContagionClear algorithm generates the Contagion Score based on the user’s response to 10 simple questions.

Here’s how ContagionClear can help

  • Reduces the number of closures due to outbreak. The daily assessment helps you evaluate your risk and provides actionable insights into your safety.

  • Saves time. Traditional screening methods such as in-person questionnaires and temperature tracking can extend the period of time to get on premise.

  • Provides peace of mind. ContagionClear gives individuals the confidence they need to feel safe returning to work or school and their daily activities.

  • Enables data driven decision making. The dashboard of aggregated data gives admin a clear assessment of risk to help make decisions easier with data to back it up.

Here’s how ContagionClear works:

  • The user creates an account to complete the onboarding process
  • Individuals answer personalized daily risk questions
  • ContagionClear evaluates your answers and generates the ContagionClear score and recommendations
  • Individuals use the ContagionClear score to gain access to where they need to go
  • Keep the businesses you visit and the individuals you interact with safe by letting them know you are ContagionClear

How can I use ContagionClear?

Illustration of a woman on her phone at home

I want to manage my own risk

Get back to life with confidence. The ContagionClear platform provides you with an assessment of your health and behavioral risk, helping to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Illustration of an employee getting checked on the ContagionClear platform

I have employees

Whether your employees are returning to the office or heading back into the field, you need to ensure the safety of your staff, clients, and guests.

Illustration of customer checking out restaurant

I have customers

ContagionClear offers a quick, daily check-in to keep your employees and customers safe, and most importantly, gives you peace of mind.

Illustration of woman getting cleared to enter a building

I manage properties

Reopening your properties means many visitors returning to your buildings. ContagionClear can help you manage risk and reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 exposure with easy, daily check-ins.

Illustration of woman getting cleared to enter an event

I manage events

Whether you manage sporting events, concerts, or public gatherings – you need to provide a safe environment for your employees and patrons. ContagionClear can help you get there.

Illustration of woman doing online classes

I have students

You need to provide a safe environment for faculty, students, and parents. ContagionClear provides the ability to easily identify those at risk and helps keeps your school open and safe.

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ContagionClear provides standards and benchmarks for safety practices to combat COVID-19.

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