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Manage your organization with confidence.

Whether your organization is returning to in-person board meetings or getting back to in-person events, you need to ensure the safety of your members. ContagionClear allows you to identify at-risk individuals to monitor the health and well-being of everyone in your organization.

Here’s how ContagionClear can help

  • Keep your organization running by reducing the risk of COVID-19 exposures

  • Reduce income loss due to closures

  • Enable easier decision making based on your unique risk assessment

  • Give you peace of mind you are keep yourself and those around you safe

Illustration of an employee getting checked on the ContagionClear platform

Why ContagionClear for your organization?

By focusing on the most important questions identified by experts in infectious disease and risk management, we can deliver value without overburdening users. Users can complete the ContagionClear daily assessment to generation a score in less than 5 minutes. Our platform also provides concrete recommendations on how to improve your score – helping establish and reinforce safe habits in your organization.

Here’s how ContagionClear works:

Check in daily with ContagionClear to get an updated Contagion Score. Our algorithm does all the work – all you need to do it answer 10 simple questions. 

  • 1 Create an account to complete the onboarding process
  • 2 Answer personalized daily risk questions
  • 3 The platform evaluates your answers and generates the ContagionClear score and recommendations
  • 4 Use the ContagionClear score to gain access to where you need to go
  • 5 Keep the businesses you visit and the individuals you interact with safe by letting them know you are ContagionClear
Illustration of an ContagionClear Employees at work

Your boarding pass to the new normal

The ContagionClear Score is your organizations boarding pass in this new normal. Simply have your members display their ContagionClear Score when entering the office or meetings. With a new check in required every 24 hours, your members will improve their own safety and the safety of those around them by keeping their score active and up to date.

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ContagionClear provides standards and benchmarks for safety practices to combat COVID-19.

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