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Let us help you adjust to the new normal.

The ContagionClear platform provides an assessment of your health and behavioral risk, helping to manage the contagion risk of COVID-19 to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Here’s how ContagionClear works:

Check in daily with ContagionClear to get an updated Contagion Score. Our algorithm does all the work – all you need to do it answer 10 simple questions. 

  • 1 Create an account to complete the onboarding process
  • 2 Answer personalized daily risk questions
  • 3 The platform evaluates your answers and generates the ContagionClear score and recommendations
  • 4 Use the ContagionClear score to gain access to where you need to go
  • 5 Keep the businesses you visit and the individuals you interact with safe by letting them know you are ContagionClear

ContagionClear for Admins

ContagionClear gives you the ability to assess the risk of your organization by viewing data based on the interactions, behaviors, test results and vaccination status of individuals taking the daily assessment.

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ContagionClear provides standards and benchmarks for safety practices to combat COVID-19.

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