The app designed to optimize your medical outcomes with technology.

REMY Dashboard
  • Personalized Tracking

    REMY takes into account your condition with questions tailored specifically to you. 

  • Treatment Insights

    Keep track of your progress with metrics that are meaningful to you. REMY will remind you when it's time to check-in.

  • Visualize Impacts

    REMY's wellness tracker features our own REMY index, showcasing how your wellness and quality of life indicators change over time.

About RemedyMetrics

The Remedy Metrics team is made up of a unique blend of technologists, scientists, and patient advocates. We knew at the intersection of these three focus areas there was the potential for a tool that drives science, improves patient care, and optimizes each individual's experience. That tool is REMY.  


Work With Us

REMY isn't just for patients. We're dedicated to changing healthcare by supporting those who help patients. We provide healthcare providers data they need to elevate the standard of care for patients. 

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