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REMY is the most comprehensive medical marijuana platform available. We take into account your medications, your regimens, and your genetics to give you the clearest picture of how you may process medical marijuana. With 33 states and growing implementing medical marijuana programs – the benefits are clear.

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    REMY takes into account your condition with questions tailored specifically to you. 

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    Keep track of your progress with metrics that are meaningful to you. REMY will remind you when it's time to check-in.

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    REMY's wellness tracker features our own REMY index, showcasing how your wellness and quality of life indicators change over time.

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With REMY, you help us improve the experience for millions worldwide! We’re using data to fuel advances in treatment for all medical marijuana patients at no cost. By simply checking in with REMY you can help improve treatment for everyone!

REMY is made up of technologists, scientists, and patient advocates. We’re dedicated to driving science forward for medical marijuana – improving patient care and optimizing each individual’s experience with medical marijuana. REMY is the only platform built with this holistic approach in mind.


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