Terms & Conditions

I consent to the collection of specimens from myself (or individual who lacks capacity for consent) for the purpose of DNA testing. I understand that the Genelex Drug Sensitivity tests help healthcare providers identify the safest, most effective medications for me and which ones to avoid. I understand this is done with a combination of 1) genetic testing that determines how the body metabolizes or responds to the majority of medications, 2) patented software that predicts how genetics, other drugs and supplements alter drug levels, and 3) guidance from clinical professionals. I understand that a positive (abnormal) test result usually means that I may be at risk for a condition. I understand that test results may be negative even if I have a genetic condition because genetic markers that are not being tested or yet discovered are not detected. I understand that genetic test results may be unclear or difficult to interpret due to current understanding of genetic disorder or condition and/or technical limitations of the test and that the results are not intended to be used as the sole means for clinical diagnosis or patient care decisions. Predicted gene function may change depending upon the emergence of new discoveries, literature, industry standards and guidelines. I may want to have genetic counseling prior to signing this consent. No tests other than those authorized by my doctor shall be done.

I understand that: while DNA testing is highly accurate and widely accepted, as in all testing there is a possibility of delay or error; prescription drug regimens should never be altered without consulting a prescribing medical professional; Genelex may use reference laboratories; Genelex may contact me to obtain additional specimens for testing; and Genelex maintains patient privacy according to HIPAA. I understand that after personal information is removed, the data/specimen may be stored indefinitely to be used for quality assurance, studies or medical education. I may request disposal of my sample up to 60 days after the completion of my test by contacting the laboratory (New York State residents: sample shall be destroyed within 60 days of collection). I agree to relinquish Genelex and its representatives from liability for injury that may arise from collecting and testing these specimens and from any effects or actions that the results of these tests may have on me or any other individual. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions regarding purpose, test reliability/ limitations, risks and benefits. I understand that genetic tests can involve possible medical, psychological or insurance issues for me. My participation in this genetic testing is completely voluntary and I understand my results will be sent to the ordering physician or facility.