Meet the Experts

Meet the ContagionClear team of experts

Our team is made up of a unique blend of medical professionals, technologists, scientists, and business people. We believe a multi-disciplined team is required to develop a tool that helps assess risk, improve safety, and enable safe interactions.

Score Development Team

With an algorithm built in collaboration with experts in infectious disease and risk analysis, you can get the confidence you need to make daily interactions safer.

Vijay Ivaturi, PhD, MS

Dr. Ivaturi is the Chief Scientific Officer at Pumas-AI, Inc. He is an expert in pharmacometrics, health analytics, and predictive modeling.

Andrew Shorr, MD, MPH, MBA

Dr. Shorr is the Section Director of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at MedStar Washington Hospital who specializes in infectious diseases.

Marya Zilberberg, MD, MPH

Dr. Zilberberg is the President and CEO of the EviMed Research Group, LLC, a pulmonologist, intensivist, and an epidemiologist.

Elina Rodrigues, MS

Elina is the Vice President of Scoring Solutions, a Division of Lending Science DM, Inc. She has extensive experience in credit risk/credit scoring, risk management and analytics.

C. W. (Chip) Fetrow, B.S., Pharm.D.

Chip is the President of Med Experts, Inc. a healthcare consulting company which specializes in medication therapy management (MTM) for long-term care facilities.

Kate Sulham, MPH

Specializes in infectious disease issues with a concentration on medical devices and diagnostic development.

App Development Team

The ContagionClear app was built by our adept app development team with human-centered design in mind. The app goes beyond user-friendly to ensure users can onboard themselves and navigate the platform with ease.

Founder of Remedy Metrics and ContagionClear

Remedy Metrics is a technology company dedicated to advancing patient care and driving the healthcare industry forward. Through proprietary algorithms, tracking and monitoring capabilities, and hyper-individualized regimen guidance, Remedy Metrics is changing the way health is managed.

Dave Colaizzi, Founder

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ContagionClear provides standards and benchmarks for safety practices to combat COVID-19.

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