Use Cases

Imagine this.

The world has been in pandemic mode for over a year. The virus continues to spread and intermittent lockdowns are the new normal. ContagionClear give you the opportunity to adjust your approach to managing COVID risk at a moment’s notice. Here are a few examples of how.

A middle school is returning to in-person learning. Parents and teachers are upset and want to be made aware of all precautionary measures being put in place.

The Challenge:

The middle school is returning to in-person learning. Parents and teachers are very upset about this decision and want to be made aware of all precautionary measures being put in place to manage the risk of COVID-19 in the school. School administration want to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and parents and put everyone at ease.

The Solution:

School admin must now balance the educational, social and emotional needs of their students along with the health and safety of students and staff. Along with better known protection methods like social distancing, mask wearing and frequent hand washing, the school announces they will be launching ContagionClear as an extra precautionary measure. Parents, faculty and staff find comfort knowing the app was developed in collaboration with experts in infectious disease and risk analysis. The app gives the school the ability to make decisions in real time based on data.

Amanda could potentially have been exposed to COVID-19 by attending a small party and she does not know if it is safe for her to go to work on Monday.

The Problem:

Amanda has been off from work for a few days. She is very cautious about how much she goes out in public, what stores she shops at and who she is around. A friend of hers had a small get together during the time she was off, and she decided to attend. She felt comfortable at the time because it was going to be a small group, and everyone was going to wear masks. When Amanda got to her friends, there were more people there than she had anticipated and no one had a mask on. Against her better judgement, she stayed. Amanda is to return to work on Monday and she is nervous that she could have potentially been exposed and may be putting others in her workplace at risk. She doesn’t know if she should go to work or stay home.

The Solution:

The company Amanda works for has been using ContagionClear to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in the office. Amanda uses the platform to take her daily assessment of her health and behavioral risk. Her Contagion Score generated by the platform indicates that it is a good idea to work from home. Amanda feels confident in the recommendation and decides to work from home on Monday helping to keep those in her office safe.

Sam tested positive for COVID. He needs to notify everyone he was in contact with but doesn’t have their contact information.

The Challenge:

Sam woke up this morning not feeling well. He doesn’t think it could be COVID-19 because his symptoms and mild and he has not been exposed to anyone with it – as far as he knows. He is nervous because he attended his book club meeting last night and could have potentially put everyone at risk. To be safe, Sam decides to get tested. To Sam’s surprise the test comes back positive. Sam knows he needs to contact everyone immediately to let them know he tested positive. But he realizes that he does not have everyone’s contact information.

The Solution:

Luckily the organization Sam is part of has been using ContagionClear to monitor the risk of transmission. Sam can report his positive test status through the app which notifies the org’s ContagionClear admin allowing them to immediately push out notification to the group that they have been exposed to someone who tested positive. The real time communication within the app prevents further exposure lessening the chance of spread to other people.

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