Why ContagionClear

Our Vision

ContagionClear is dedicated to reducing risk and improving safety at home and abroad. As we adjust to the new normal, individuals need confidence that they are safe going back to school, work and other events. The ContagionClear app is designed to offer that confidence.

How ContagionClear is different

Developed in collaboration with infectious disease and risk analysis experts

Developed with experts in infectious disease and risk analysis, the ContagionClear algorithm generates the Contagion Score based on the user’s response to 10 simple questions.

Vaccine tracking and management

ContagionClear users can log their vaccination status giving admin the ability to see who within their organization has received a vaccine helping to monitor the health and well-being of everyone in the organization.

Advanced data collection and personalization

ContagionClear collects more data points than any other platform and can be further customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Simple process – huge impacts

By focusing on the most important questions identified by experts in infectious disease and risk management, we can deliver value without overburdening users. Users can complete a daily check-in from onboarding to score generation is less than 5 minutes.

We are dedicated to being your long-term partner

In a world where break throughs in science and new COVID-19 information is released daily, we are prepared to be flexible in our approach to managing risk and update functionality and features as needed to help meet our client’s needs.

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ContagionClear provides standards and benchmarks for safety practices to combat COVID-19.

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