REMY is for Dispensaries

REMY elevates the medical marijuana experience
for your customers

We work with dispensaries to measure the impact your product is having on your customers. especially their health and wellness goals.

The REMY platform connects you directly to your customers, providing you with usage data and insights into what products are driving the most outcomes. Stock the products your customers are looking for, and get more in the door by partnering with RemedyMetrics.

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How we work with dispensaries

Our team isdedicated to improving the medical marijuana experience for patients. That means working with dispensaries to optimize the patient experience at every step. As a REMY partner, you get access to extensive patient reported outcomes (PROs) and other data, helping you forecast demand and tailor your selection to what is working best for your customers.

Here’s what we give you and your customers:

  • A Personalized Experience

    Our platform transforms the way patients approach medical marijuana. We’re the first platform to bring genetics into the fold, creating a new standard for personalization in the cannabis industry. With customer data, you get an inside look at how your regimen is performing over time, giving customers the ability to find the right treatment and associate your products with their health goals.

  • Treatment Insights

    Better understand your customers purchase behavior and the conditions that are bringing them to you with detailed information on how, when, and why they’re using your products. Our data comes from medical outcomes directly linked to your products – we’re providing you with actionable patient reported outcomes, not just product reviews.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Our reporting platform and proprietary REMY index clearly links quality of life to your products and provides clear visualizations for both you and your customers. With access to the REMY platform, you get real-time, relevant data to forecast demand and identify product development opportunities, all while enabling a better experience for your existing customers.

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