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The app designed to help you elevate the standard
of care for your patients

Track your patient’s progress.

REMY can give you an inside look at how your patient's treatments are progressing. REMY is built to collect patient reported outcomes (PROs). As patients use REMY in conjunction with their regimen, data will be available to inform your future recommendations. REMY’s data can be segmented by a range of demographics so that providers can make evidence-based formulation and dosage recommendations.

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The most comprehensive tool

Your patients need the whole picture. REMY is the only platform that considers how their genetics and current medication regimens can guide the use of Medicinal Marijuana.

REMY has partnered with personalized medicine pioneers Genelex and YouScript to incorporate both patient's genetics and the effects of THC and CBD on medication metabolism, helping healthcare providers reduce the risk of adverse drug events and ensuring the best experience possible for their patients.

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Enables communication

REMY connects you directly to your patient's experience, allowing you to check in based on how their treatment is progressing. REMY collects patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) and uses them to establish patterns in health outcomes and patient quality of life. REMY is built to measure patient outcomes over time giving providers the ability to make better informed decisions and get an inside look at how medical marijuana is working. REMY’s data will all be presented in a concise and easy to use format.

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  • Personalized Tracking

    REMY takes into account your condition with questions tailored specifically to you. 

  • Treatment Insights

    Keep track of your progress with metrics that are meaningful to you. REMY will remind you when it's time to check-in.

  • Visualize Impacts

    REMY's wellness tracker features our own REMY index, showcasing how your wellness and quality of life indicators change over time.

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